Face the future: understanding the user experience of biometrics

While the future is clearly biometric we highlight some consumer concerns that companies would be wise to consider

Conducting research with older people

Our 2016 ‘Research Thing’ Meetup presentation on conducting user experience research with older people

Smart connected devices: the emerging user experience

Our detailed white paper on the emerging user experience of smart devices, and the implications for design

City Interaction Lab HCID

Our conference presentation on the emerging user experience of smart devices, and the implications for design

Top 10 tips for designing smart, connected products

Our 10 top tips for designing for the Internet of Things based on our research into smart, connected products

Designing for your future self

Our joint presentation the Daily Mail on designing for older people

What people want from their heating controls

Our report into what people want from smarter heating controls commissioned by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)

Understanding potential users of smarter heating controls

Presentation based on our research for DECC at BEAMA parliamentary event

Everyday dwelling with WhatsApp

Paper co-authored with Microsoft Research, Cambridge drawing on our research into use of WhatsApp

The Accidental Majority and the near future for smartphones

White paper drawing on our research into smartphone adoption among the late majority (2012)

iPad, whyPad, howPad?

Report into our research among early tablet users (2011)

Trafficking: Design for the viral exchange if digital content on mobile phones

Paper co-authored with Microsoft Research, Cambridge for Mobile HCI 2007, drawing on our research into use of video content on mobile

Creating compelling mobile services

One-page point of view document on extending services to mobile

Understanding the gap between physical and digital music to create an online labelling tool: paper

Paper published in Create 2007 conference proceedings based on our research for OD2

Developing a multilingual user guide for 3

Presentation we gave at the Information Design Conference based on our research and design for 3

Creating a more effective consultancy website

White paper based on research we undertook with clients before a redesign of our website

Using ethnographic research to gain deeper customer insights

White paper describing the benefits of employing ethnographic research methods

FT article: ‘Research looks at the signs of the times’

FT article in which we are quoted about the use of ethnographic research

Helping HSBC make its employees more effective and informed

Poster at EPIC 2005 based on our research for HSBC to inform redesign of its intranet

Using customer understanding to support adoption of handset features and services: a Hutchison 3G case study

Paper presented jointly with Hutchison Whampoa at Symbian Smartphone conference

Increasing adoption of 3G mobile services

White paper based on our earliest ethnographic research around mobile services