Responsible Travel

Usability testing of this travel portal website by having participants who were already in the market to book a holiday go through the full journey uncovered key misconceptions about how the site worked that led to a major redesign.

OD2 music

OD2, founded by Peter Gabriel, wished to launch a CD labelling tool in partnership with Hewlett Packard. Ethnographic research into how people created labels for their music CDs uncovered three key opportunity areas for the tool to support.

Microsoft Xbox TrueSkill

Ethnographic observation of people playing Xbox in their own homes uncovered confusion around the TrueSkill rating and ranking system that led to recommendations around changing the graphical interface.

Metro mobile and music service

Before Metro newspaper launched its mobile and music services we had readers try out Beta versions of the services over a five-day period while reporting through a daily online diary. The findings informed some important changes that were made before launch

Metro Fantasy Football

Eight avid Fantasy Football players were recruited to play against each other within a ‘mini league’, during the World Cup allowing us to identify a range of improvements that could be implemented for the Premier League season.

Visit England

Usability testing and extended natural trial of the prototype site in UK, Germany and USA supported development of a new site that would inspire tourism within England.